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Need a completely custom-made CMS? Look no further. Our CMS is 100% original and can be adapted to perfectly suit your needs.

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Web design and development is our specialty.
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Main features

These are the main features of Proficiens CMS. This website is powered by Proficiens CMS too!

Easy to use

It's often very easy to get lost in a CMS. Its interface was designed for users who have little or no experience in content management.

User management

Manage users, assign roles and even let your users register and login to access premium content on your website.


Share your latest news with your visitors and even include news archive on your site. Adding news to your page is also great for on-page optimisation.


Articles are all the texts your website is made of. If you wish, you can even include a Search feature to your site or let your visitors share your pages on social networks.


Why not include a blog on your website too? You can even have your visitors leave comments.


Many websites nowadays have headers with sliding images and text. Add your own header images and intro text with ease using Slider.


Create short one-question surveys to include on your pages. You decide where and when surveys will be displayed to your visitors.


Collect and manage newsletter subscribers or even send newsletters directly from Proficiens CMS!


Easily implement ads and banners on your site and configure where and how many times they are to be displayed.


No website can do without menus. Creating menus is as easy as creating a bulleted list with links.

Web catalog or webshop

Display your products with images, detailed information and prices in an online catalogue, sorted in categories.

Integrated SEO tools

Proficiens CMS will do most of the on-page optimisation for you. The only thing left for you to do is to privide quality content.


Design your own page templates to use in Proficiens CMS or have us or your own designers to do it for you.


Manage all the system settings in one place, including the Contact and Registration forms, News and Product thumbnail sizes, webshop coupons and more.

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